Parking Camera and Reverse Camera

Fully Installed from $450 

You can be safe when reversing and seeing if there are any hidden obstacles. And for yours and others saftey

Reverse Camera/DVR/GPS and monitor
All In one rearview mirror for cars,4WD and Utes.
Installed from $675.00 with Australian IGO MAPS. 

$675 Fitted

  • Integrated GPS
  • DVR Recorder
  • Auto Brightness Adjustment
  • Camera activates when reversing
  • Touch Screen Control
Caravan reverse cameras

Parking Camera

Reverse Camera/ mirror monitor fully installed from $450

RVM-420A Replacement 4.3’’ Mirror Monitor (OEM Style)
Reverse camera/rearview mirror monitor fully installed from $450.00

Looks like a normal rear view mirror, but contains a hidden high resolution 4.3″ LCD display that automatically activates when reversing to show crystal clear digital video from behind your car for peace of mind.

Caravan/Truck  Reversing Camera Kit

Complete System
7 inch monitor Screen reverse camera connected via. cable to your caravan and your vehicle 2xCCD Cameras which can toggle from AV1 and AV2 which gives you image at the back of your caravan and your driving vehicle

From $700

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